Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Saturday!

I'm going to make an attempt at blogging again!  I posted a few weeks ago and put the blog back on the back burner.  (By the way, the turkey meatloaf was ah-mazing!) 
I really like to cook, bake and experiment with food on the weekends.  I feel like there is much less pressure than on weeknights.  After hopping on the treadmill for about an hour this morning I thought I should make a lunch that was mostly healthy, but also with some splurges. 

Breeze's sandwich and our potato chips
I tried out some homemade baked potato chips that were so yummy!  We used our Pampered Chef mandolin that we had stored away, thinking it really wasn't as useful as we had hoped.  Now that I'm comfortable using it, I think I'll get it out more often.

Breeze helping me slice the potatoes.
The chips couldn't be any easier.  Take a large Russet potato and slice it up (Breeze made ours fancy and crinkle cut).  Pop them in the oven at 475 for 15-20 minutes, flipping occasionally and watching closely so they don't burn!  Salt the chips the second you take them out of the oven.  

For the main dish I assembled turkey sandwiches.
  I layered up the following:
  • Boar's Head salsilito turkey,
  • Munster cheese,
  • tomatoes,
  •  turkey bacon (splurge),
  • avocado (Omega-3s),
 All this on wonderful croissants (splurge).  I purchased whole grain bread yesterday with the intention of having sandwiches on toasted wheat bread but as I was walking to check out I noticed the buttery, flaky croissants and couldn't resist!  They were totally worth it! 
So the sandwiches and chips were delicious, I would definitely recommend them for a fabulous Saturday lunch! 
I finished my meal up with half of a red velvet cookie that I made last night- to die for!
Happy Saturday!

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